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November 06-09, 2016

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Last year at the 50th annual EEI conference, I discovered a battered and unloved power generator that’s since returned better than 60 percent after being taken over.

I highlighted that company, and four others that caught my eye that week, in a special video report, exclusive to subscribers of Conrad’s Utility Investor.

My picks have since returned roughly 35 percent on average. That’s about twice what the Dow Jones Utility Average did over the same period, and at a time when the S&P 500 struggled to make any headway.

I also highlighted a handful of stocks to sell, which have now lost an average of 10 percent. One was a definite conference favorite—the CEO had packed his presentation room with analysts lured by his plans to sell off a good piece of his business to cut debt. That hasn’t worked out so well. But because I was able to see up close and personal how Wall Street was fawning all over the guy, subscribers to Conrad’s Utility Investor had plenty of advance warning to get out while the getting was good. 

Utilities as a group are far more popular with investors than they were a year ago at the 50th annual EEI conference. High stock prices mean generating big returns will be more challenging. That means this conference is even more critical to attend than ever. 

And it’s why you’re not going to want to miss my special post-conference report: EEI 2016: Utilities’ Best and Worst.

The report will feature my top recommendations, and no doubt I’ll find plenty to avoid as well. But if past is prologue, the most valuable information will be from takeaways you can’t get anywhere else.

One of the surprises for me last year, for example, was SunPower’s presence all over the conference. That was the clearest possible tipoff that this leading seller of rooftop solar systems had given up competing with utilities—and was trying to partner with them. I saw the balance of power had shifted and I was able to warn readers out of solar stocks this year—well in advance of most of Wall Street.

What will this year’s vital lessons be? Conrad’s Utility Investor readers will be finding out on Monday, November 14—when we release EEI 2016: Utilities’ Best and Worst. Click on the green button below to find out more. 

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Greetings Fellow Investors, 

I’m Roger Conrad, editor of Conrad’s Utility Investor. And I’m here to tell you about the biggest event of the year for utility stocks: 

The Edison Electric Institute’s 51st annual Financial Conference.

Even if you’ve never owned utility stocks—and you’re missing out if you don’t—you’re going to want to hear what I have to say next.

Utilities are the surest road to wealth on Wall Street. No matter who you are or where you live, you’re a customer. No matter how bad things get, people pay for utilities’ services to the last. No matter what happens, utilities’ revenue keeps flowing. And the dividends their stocks pay do too.

I’ve successfully owned utility stocks for three decades, putting the power of compound interest to work for me with their dividend reinvestment plans. I’ve also made literally millions of dollars for the investors who subscribe to my advisory, Conrad’s Utility Investor. 

Knowing the right performance numbers to focus on, keeping up with management guidance and paying attention to developments in all-important industry regulation are all key to success. But quite often, what’s been most important is what I’ve learned from those I’ve met in the industry over the years—and the questions I’ve asked them face-to-face.

That’s what the Edison Electric Institute’s unique conference is all about. Once a year, CEOs, CFOs and other top executives of more than three-dozen leading power companies get together under one roof to make formal presentations, participate in panel discussions with other CEOs, conduct breakouts and have one-on-one meetings with analysts. 

It’s an invaluable opportunity for those who invest and advise on utility stocks to ask the right questions—and get answers you simply won’t find reading 10-Ks and annual reports, participating in conference calls or phoning into investor relations reps.

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