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Conservative Income Feature

AmeriGas Partners LP: Value in Propane Distribution

By Roger S. Conrad on Sep. 13, 2014
Historically, propane distributors’ profits have been challenged by unpredictable weather, volatile wholesale prices, competition from natural gas and an extremely dispersed customer base. In the past, these obstacles translated into erratic returns for shareholders. The industry’s solution: Increased scale through consolidation. Propane distributors—mostly master limited partnerships (MLP)—continue to consolidate, expanding their geographic reach and improving their purchasing power. These efforts have resulted in steadier sales and boosted margins.

Dominion Resources: Buy the Dip

By Roger S. Conrad on Aug. 9, 2014

Earlier this summer, momentum chasers bid the stock price up to an all-time high, but now's the time to invest in this exceptionally solid electric utility and pipeline owner at a favorable price.

A Rare Value in the Utility Sector

By Roger S. Conrad on Jul. 9, 2014

Rarely will you find a sector’s top-quality stocks on sale more than five years into a bull market. But that’s the case with this new Conservative Income Portfolio holding. Record demand has enabled this utility to grow its first-quarter earnings by 19.7 percent year over year.

From Laggard to Leader

By Roger S. Conrad on Jun. 6, 2014

Hedgeye and Barron's called Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP and its general partner, Kinder Morgan Inc. a "house of cards."  Richard Kinder, the partnership's Chairman and CEO, responded, "I'll buy, you sell and we'll see who's right."  Since then, this diversified owner of fee-based midstream assets has beaten its own first-quarter guidance, turning the market and burning the critics.

Verizon Communications: Number One and Priced for Less

By Roger S. Conrad on May. 2, 2014

America’s leading wireless company grew its earnings per share by 23.5 percent from year-ago levels, expanded its wireless margins to 52.1 percent from 50.4 percent, increased its revenue per customer by 6.3 percent and generated $2.95 billion in free cash flow. 

America-Focused Again

By Roger S. Conrad on Apr. 5, 2014

America's leading telecom doubles down on its US business with a key acquisition.

More Than Meets the Eye

By Roger S. Conrad on Mar. 7, 2014

The newest member of the Conservative Income Portfolio operates regulated and unregulated utility businesses and is poised for impressive distribution growth.

Returning To Dividend Growth

By Roger S. Conrad on Feb. 7, 2014

In 2013, the Alerian MLP Index gained 27.6 percent. Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP) did much better at 43.4 percent, thanks to restoring regular quarterly distribution increases.

ONE Gas and ONEOK: Dividing to Conquer

By Roger S. Conrad on Jan. 10, 2014

Oklahoma Natural Gas Company has provided regulated gas distribution service to Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1906. Today, successor company ONEOK (NYSE: OKE) serves 2.1 million customers as the largest gas utility in Kansas and Oklahoma, and third biggest in Texas.

One-Stop Utility Bond Shop

By Roger S. Conrad on Dec. 3, 2013

Since World War II, no regulated utility has ever failed to make its bondholders whole from disaster. That gives utility bonds a level of safety no other sector can match, particularly after 11 years of systematically cutting debt and operating risk.

Utility bonds’ years of being under-rated may be coming to an end, now that Moody’s is considering a sector-wide upgrade. But for now, they’re under-priced and therefore yield more than debt of equivalent real risk.



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