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Roger Conrad's 6 Major Plays from the Energy Innovation Summit!

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Roger Conrad's Top 6 Energy-Technology Plays for 2017

  1. The company that is leading the race to alternative energy domination. It is not the one you think… 
  2. The biggest winner in the battle for battery storage. Hint: It’s no manufacturer, but a recycler that’s driving down the costs that are the biggest deterrent to energy storage.
  3. The battle for revitalizing the coal industry in the US is on. You have to own the companies in line to benefit from President Trump’s plans. Once in a life time opportunity to be part of a real turnaround story. The time is now!
  4. Summit Bounce: The utility headlining last year’s Energy Innovation Summit was up nearly 20 percent after a month. Buyers are already lining up for this year’s shining star.
  5. President Trump’s record defense budget will deliver billions to an elite group of companies deploying energy efficiency, renewables and storage technology.
  6. The Fusion Revolution: The latest breakthrough developments and who’s in line for success from this potentially limitless, costless, scalable energy source.

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Learn More About Roger's Track Record of Success:

For the past 30 years, I’ve pointed investors to the best energy and utility stocks.

And when I left my former publisher to found my own company, the Hulbert Financial Digest rated my previous publication number one for risk-adjusted total returns. I hated leaving. 

But I can honestly say that I’ve the best work of my career during the nearly four years since I founded Conrad’s Utility Investor. One big reason: I get around.

In my former life, I was responsible for editing 12 different advisories. Nowadays, I have time to focus. And one way I do that is by attending industry conferences where I not only see other Wall Street analysts but rub elbows with company executives, attorneys, vendors major customers and even in some cases line workers.

This February 26 through March 2, I’ll be attending a conference closer to home: The ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington D.C. 

 The Summit is a four-day bazaar where developers of literally hundreds of energy technologies meet up with venture capital in hopes of bringing them to market. Most of them amount to nothing. Those that do, however, reward their developers and investors with lottery like returns.   

Last year, I quickly discovered the focus of dollars at the Summit was on energy storage technology and efficiency. I highlighted the trend along with two energy storage stocks for Conrad’s Utility Investor readers following the conference. AES and AGL Energy are up 30 and 46 percent since. 

What will be the trends this year? Much I suspect will depend on the emerging priorities of the Trump Administration and Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry. 

And I think the answers are going to surprise a lot of people. Did you know the biggest US coal mining company is actually down almost 70 percent since President Trump took office, while the leading electric vehicle developer is up better than 40 percent? 

Like the Obama Administration before it, the Trump team will have a big influence on where energy dollars flow. But many companies now considered obvious winners will suffer the same fate popular solar stocks did during the pro-solar Obama years—yes the Guggenheim Solar Energy Index finished his eight years in office down nearly 80 percent. 

Going inside was a real competitive advantage for my company Conrad’s Utility Investor during the Obama years. And it will be again during the Trump years, starting with my special report of Summit findings and top recommendations that I’ll be releasing to subscribers only on Friday March 3: Inside Man: Roger Conrad’s Best Ideas from the 2017 Energy Innovation Summit. 

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My picks from last November’s Edison Electric Institute meetings in Arizona are already up better than double-digits, since I published my report for CUI readers “Inside Man: Roger Conrad’s Best Ideas from the Edison Electric Institute’s 2016 Financial Conference. That followed a market beating performance of my picks from the 2015 EEI conference.

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