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Investing Topics: Interest Rates

Grappling with Externalities

By Roger S. Conrad on Jun. 7, 2015
Now that first-quarter earnings season has wrapped up, concern about rising interest rates has taken over as the primary near-term driver for dividend-paying stocks. Here’s how you can take advantage.

Fed Policy in Focus

By Roger S. Conrad on Apr. 7, 2015
Earnings, not interest rates, will drive returns for dividend-paying stocks in 2015 and beyond.

Stay Vigilant, Focus on Value

By Roger S. Conrad on Mar. 7, 2015
The market’s attention has turned to the Federal Reserve once again. But savvy investors will focus on industry- and company-specific drivers to identify outperformers. We explore several key trends for essential-services investors.

Sector Rotation and Deals, Deals, Deals

By Roger S. Conrad on Feb. 14, 2015
The Dow Jones Utilities Average has pulled back from its January 2015 high, while, at the opposite end of the teeter-totter, energy stocks have caught a bid. We explain our strategy for investing in this late-stage bull market, kick the tires on recent mergers and acquisitions and analyze the results of the Federal Communication Commission’s recent spectrum auction.

Utility Stocks and the Burden of High Valuations

By Roger S. Conrad on Jan. 17, 2015
With the Dow Jones Utilities Average trading at an elevated valuation, investors shouldn't be afraid to take some profits off the table in their big winners.

The Fed Ends Quantitative Easing: What’s Next for Dividend Stocks?

By Roger S. Conrad on Nov. 4, 2014
Last week, the Federal Reserve ended its bond-buying program. Here's what this long-awaited policy shift means for dividend-paying stocks.

Unconventional Investing for the Win

By Roger S. Conrad on Oct. 14, 2014
Conventional wisdom holds that October is a dangerous month for stocks, which means that investors must think unconventionally to get ahead.

This Fall, Opportunities Knock

By Roger S. Conrad on Oct. 4, 2014
An unsettled market has  rewarded patient investors who kept some powder dry with a number of buying opportunities. Opportunity No. 1: International Intrigue: A strengthening US economy and the Federal Reserve’s push to rein in six years of easy money have boosted the greenback’s value relative to foreign currencies, placing many of our favorite international stocks on the bargain counter. Snap them up now. Opportunity No. 2: Irrational Fear of Rising Interest Rates: The prospect of a stingier Fed has also raised concerns that US interest rates will head significantly higher, undermining returns posted by dividend-paying stocks. I tackle this myth head on and highlight several high-quality telecoms, water companies and electric utilities that have pulled back to favorable price points. Opportunity No. 3: Oil’s Retrenchment: Oil prices have also plummeted of late, fueled by surging US production and elevated refinery outages. This pullback has panicked weaker hands, giving savvy investors an opportunity to buy rock-steady integrated oil companies and first-rate pipeline owners. Opportunity No. 4: Politics as Usual: Uncertainty related to upcoming US elections has likewise unsettled the market and contributed to the market’s recent weakness. We’ll have a full review in the November issue.

Bonds: What to Do in a Seller’s Market

By Roger S. Conrad on Aug. 17, 2014

The seller's market for bonds favors dividend-paying equities, but investors need to remain disciplined and avoid overpaying for quality.

Secrets to Successful Income Investing

By Roger S. Conrad on Jun. 1, 2014

Dividend-paying stocks aren’t bond substitutes and never will be. Any investor who has sold these equities because of rising interest rates has lost big over the past 22 years. Those who do so now are playing with the same fire and, inevitably, will be badly burned.



Roger S. Conrad needs no introduction to individual and professional investors, many of whom have profited from his decades of experience uncovering the best dividend-paying stocks for accumulating sustainable wealth. Roger b